When our recruiters flourish

At Next Ventures we love to celebrate in all our consultants’ success!

Reading this recent Glassdoor review, left anonymously by one of our consultants, just made us feel proud that we can empower ambitious individuals to achieve their goals.

five star review

In his own words

“I have been working at Next Ventures full-time for more than a year.

Before joining Next-Ventures I worked at a different agency where I was heavily micro managed and not trusted to work in my own way. I was under the impression that all recruitment is like that, until I joined NV.

Since my first day on the desk 1 and half year ago, I have been trusted to build my own desk with the strategy (geographical focus, and technological) that I have chosen for myself.

The management has always been supportive and trusted me to achieve everything that I have set for myself.

This empowering and entrepreneurial environment sky rocketed my career, having done 45 placements which resulted in 2 promotions and increasing my income by 1000 % .

The commission structure is the best in the industry for a company this size, and the Directors have managed/mentored some of the best recruiters in the industry.

Besides the life-changing earnings, I have already been on 4 Club trips: Dubai twice, Mykonos, and skiing in Austria, on target to qualify for the yearly Miami trip, and have also attended over 10 monthly lunch clubs. All in 5 start establishments with all expenses included.

The owners of the business have a very personable, meritocratic view of recruitment and will praise and reward any hard-working consultant that just simply does his/her job.

I get sent 30-40 job offers a month from other companies, but not once have I considered what else is out there, because there is not one aspect of my professional life that I would change since I have been working at this company.

Trust yourself, work hard, and at Next-Ventures you will achieve anything that you could possibly wish for from a leading IT Recruitment Agency.”

Proof we are getting it right

We are reassured when we see success stories such as this example, that our values, culture and approach to enable rapid career progression, really does work. Yes, we do know from the content of the review, who we’re talking about and we wish this consultant even more success for the future. We also offer thanks for the hard work and recognition.

Are you looking to take your Next Step?

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