Worried Your Technology Skills are Too Niche? Think Again!

It’s now widely accepted among recruitment professionals that skills are the new currency, and as the digital sector grows, niche technology skills are the most valuable and stable currency of all.

We reported a few weeks ago on a trend throughout the digital and technology sector that, while digital business is outgrowing any other, there is a gap between the skills that employers want, and the skills that the developers in the job pool can offer. We are seeing an increase in the job market of positions requiring specialist, niche skills and backgrounds – often for specific projects.

So if you think your technology skills are too niche, think again!

“It’s easier to stand out from the job seeking crowd when you have a unique combination of skills, experience or attributes”


Five years ago, many of the technology jobs we are now recruiting for didn’t exist. New types of work and new technological functions mean that new positions, in new fields, and new niche large enterprise technologies are arising all of the time. The call for specialist skills to fill them is louder than ever!

So Which ‘Niche’ Skills Are in Demand in 2015?

The UK has a shortfall in digital skills, and large organisations are competing to secure the rare talent with the niche skills that they need. In a survey of 194 technology executives about the technical job roles they’ll be looking to fill in 2015, ComputerWorld found that employers are narrowing their search to very specific, hot new skills. Almost half, for example, are looking to hire programmers for upgrades & with niche skills in Java EE (Enterprise Edition), JavaFX, .NET, Objective-C, UI/UX Design and app Development for Android and iOS.

Companies are also looking to take advantage of mobile, cloud and big data by hiring project managers with the appropriate niche skills, so rather than looking for generalist PMs, they’ll be hiring for applicable skills like Agile and Waterfall. The rise of mobile and the security challenges posed by BYOD and open networks has created a demand for niche skills in technical support and IT security. If you thought your knowledge of cloud security, hacking and mobile device support was too niche, you couldn’t be more wrong!

In 2015, businesses of all sizes are increasingly analysing Big Data for actionable trends that will allow them to make smarter decisions. They’ll therefore be prioritising skills in the main BI platforms – IBM Cognos, Tableau, SAS, SAP and Oracle BI – when hiring new technology professionals. There also is a rising demand for skilled web developers with niche skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, as the e-commerce industry explodes and a business web presence becomes compulsory.

Think your technology skills are too niche? Well, think again. We specialise in recruiting highly skilled technology professionals for the niche large enterprise sectors. Is this you? Talk to us about what ‘niche’ skills you can offer your next opportunity today!

Your niche technology skills are your currency. Now is the time to cash them in!

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