Tech Recruitment – The Search Is Going Global

One in four UK firms are now choosing to look overseas in order to fill their tech recruitment vacancies according to a survey of one thousand managers. The growing digital skills gap in the UK shows no signs of abating and is costing the UK economy an estimated £10 billion per year. It is well documented that businesses in the financial sector in particular are those who are most likely to experience a shortage of talent. Skills that are currently lacking in the UK include cybersecurity, big data analytics, cloud computing, IT management skills and mobile computing experience.

However, technology has connected the world and brought us all much closer together, so what companies may lack internally in terms of tech recruitment, they can easily find abroad. Specific IT jobs that are likely to be filled by overseas candidates include vacancies in development solutions as well as business intelligence and analytics.

Outsourcing Creates A Knowledge Problem

Some companies choose not to invest in tech recruitment but instead outsource some of their work to freelancers who are based in countries such as China, Russia or India. This may be a cost-effective solution, but it stunts the digital growth of a company by not investing in the talent of internal digital teams. When it comes to outsourcing, knowledge development is not given the chance to thrive internally and therefore significant digital advancement at both a company and a national level are bound to suffer as a consequence.

Migration Patterns

The tech industry is a fast-paced and exciting sector to work in. Outside of London there are other various technology hubs located in cities around the world such as Berlin, Amsterdam and Silicon Valley. Tech talent is attracted to relocate between these innovative centres by promises of a tech-centric working environment, forward-thinking companies and increased salaries. SJD Accountancy reported last year that there has been a 13% increase in EU tech talent looking for work in the UK. Within the EU, tech talent from Southern and Eastern Europe is moving to Northern and Western Europe to seek out new opportunities. There is also an upturn in tech recruitment drives from outside of Europe, with companies choosing to hire talent from South Africa, Brazil, Russia and North America.

Visa Issues

Of course, the impending referendum on whether or not the UK will leave the EU is causing some uncertainty about EU citizens who take jobs in the UK. If we leave the EU, then it is not currently known what will happen to those who have secured a role before the Brexit vote takes place. For those who have arrived in the UK from outside of the EU boundaries, then they will need an appropriate level of visa in place. The government recently introduced a ‘tech nation’ visa scheme which aims to make it easier to hire tech talent from outside of the EU. However, critics argue that the process is longwinded and is not working to its full potential as only 37 applications for the 200 positions in Tech City were received.

Tech City

What would attract talent from overseas to work in London or other parts of the UK?

Tech City UK is a huge draw when it comes to tech recruitment. Since its introduction in 2010, the East London-based technology hub has become a massive success. In six short years since the launch, it has allowed the number of technology firms in the capital to grow from 250 to 5,000 which include the likes of Google and Air BnB. Tech companies in the capital also received a record-breaking £1.6 billion in investments last year which account for 63% of the country’s total investments. This has really put London on the map as being one of the digital capitals of the world and makes it easier to attract the best talent that the world has to offer.

The technology industry offers so many career and lifestyle opportunities not just for candidates with the right level of skills and experience, but also for recent graduates who are considered entering the tech recruitment sector. We have recently launched our new graduate scheme – ‘The Next Step’ at our UK headquarters and are inviting career-minded, money-motivated individuals who are driven towards working in sales and recruitment to join our team. The courses are specifically designed to give graduates the opportunity to enhance their sales and business development skills whilst supporting their progress as well-rounded recruitment consultants. If you’re intrigued by this exciting opportunity working for a ground-breaking industry, then don’t hesitate to get in touch today.