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SAP Recruitment in Europe

Next Ventures are a niche technology staffing partner to large enterprise across Europe and around the globe. With more than 70% of our business coming from outside the United Kingdom we are truly an international partner for our SAP clients overseas.

If you are looking for a recruitment agency with capability across Europe, we can most certainly deliver because we can boast one of the largest multilingual, specialist teams of International SAP recruiters. We can deliver legally compliant SAP talent on both a contingent contract basis or permanent to meet our clients' implementation requirements. This service is supported by our european offices, complying with legal requirements and tax legislation in all European domains.

International Offices

With our offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and France we can deliver unrivalled SAP expertise and legal compliance across Europe. If you have a requirement for an implementation project and would like to speak to an expert in your region please contact us today, or drop us a message with your details and the relevant consultant will be in touch.

SAP Jobs Across Europe

If you are looking for your next SAP opportunity in Europe please take a look at our current SAP roles below or submit a CV here.

Common SAP European recruitment questions

Q: How many international offices do you have?

A: We have six overseas, wholly owned subsidiaries. These include the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland which provides us unparalleled reach and capability across Europe for authorised and compliant recruitment services.

Q: How long have you been resourcing for SAP clients in Europe?

A: We have been building our dedicated SAP practice for more than 15 years and always with an international focus. A substantial proportion of our SAP business coming from European clients.

Q: What is a SECO license and why is it important?

A: In Switzerland holding a SECO license is a legal requirement to practise recruitment and contracting. It proves you are a regulated Swiss entity authorised by the Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO)

Q: What is the AUG license and why is it important?

A: German Labour Leasing or AUG license is crucial to avoid falling foul of German tax and employment law. We as the license holder, act as employer for the term of the contract taking responsibility for German tax and social security liabilities.

Q: In which European countries do you offer SAP recruitment services?

A: We have SAP clients throughout Europe and an extensive team of multilingual recruitment consultants ensuring that we can confidently understand requirements and guarantee the highest success rates, over 70% of our business comes from outside the UK.

Q: How important is speaking the local language?

A: We maintain close relationships with our clients and will always have a good understanding of requirements for successful placements. Sometimes the local language may be important but frequently it is not essential.

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